Saturday, June 9, 2007

Rudy Giuliani is an Ignorant, Arrogant Blowhard, Pt. 2
I might as well continue my assault on “America’s Mayor.” But this will be the last of Giuliani related posts in a while, I promise (unless, of course, he arrests another reporter). After this, I think I’ll discuss the First Amendment. If any of you out there have got any issues you’d like me to talk some more about, let me know! I’m always open to suggestions.
“America’s Mayor,” Rudy Giuliani, doesn’t understand terrorism, and this is critical. Some people might say, “Well, who cares if we understand terrorists? Just kill ‘em. Problem solved.”
No, problem not solved. Don’t forget, the CIA was heavily involved with the mujahideen in Afghanistan (through Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence Agency, or ISI) during the 1980’s. The United States has been heavily involved in Middle Eastern affairs for the last several decades, an affront to bin Laden (because he is Muslim and Middle Eastern).
Think of it this way—how would the Pope feel if a Senegalese voodoo doctor had an altar and kiosk in a corner of the Vatican? Or if China built military bases and imposed no-fly zones over Middle America?
Let me make this clear right now: I am not and never will support terrorist attacks against the United States. Giuliani would probably call me a terrorist-lover because I actually try to understand why Muslim extremists hate America and are willing to die to express their hatred. And Giuliani’s the idiot. So there.
When did knowledge become a bad thing? That’s the answer to the question! Why do they hate us? They hate us because we’re over there, in the Middle East. We’re seen as interfering—even wrecking—their lives. Giuliani refuses to acknowledge this simple fact and claim that they hate us because we’re free.
I don’t think the Islamic fundamentalists who want to kill Americans hate us because we’re free. They don’t even have time to notice the fact that we’re free. And if they do, I don’t think they even care that we’re free. They care that we’re in Saudi Arabia. That we’re in Iraq. That there are Jews in Jerusalem. For any number of other reasons. Not because we’re free. Because we’re over there.
But, no. Giuliani is the expert.
“I want to be your president because I think I understand this at least as well as anyone else and I think better than most,” he said.
I want to end this with a different note. It does not matter if Giuliani suddenly educates himself about terrorism and why New York City was attacked that September morning. Lest we forget, Giuliani had a ”36 to 26 percent” approval rating a year before 9/11 (granted, that’s 10% better than Bush, but honestly!). Giuliani stirred the racism pot when going up against incumbent Mayor David Dinkins. And then was the Amadou Diallo scandal, the promotion of Bernard Kerik scandal, the penny stock scams and so on.
None of those reasons is as evil as Giuliani’s opposition to Freedom of Speech. This is the thing that really sticks me in my craw. (An aside: what, exactly, is a craw? I’d like to know.)
Rudolph Giuliani, America’s Mayor, has managed to win the first Lifetime Muzzle Award from the Jefferson Center. The Jefferson Center is an organization that advocates the upholding of the First Amendment of the United States Constitution (imagine that—a group that wants to see people enjoy the rights of the Constitution). But yes, he was given the Muzzle Award in 1998 for removing ads that satirized him (how dreadful—a politician, satirized? I never imagined such a thing was possible).
In 1999, he was awarded the Lifetime Muzzle Award after the ACLU successfully brought 11 of 12 First Amendment suits against Giuliani (his actions were deemed Unconstitutional!). And in 2000, he was again awarded the Muzzle for trying to prevent an art show from being exhibited. (This one in particular was regarding the piece of art labeled “The Holy Virgin Mary”—featuring Mary with African figures, elephant dung [considered sacred by some African tribes, but no matter] and magazine cutouts of female genitalia). I just love the quote from the artist featured on that page I linked to:

The people who are attacking this painting are attacking their own interpretation, not mine.”
– Chris Ofili, Nigerian artist and creator of “The Holy Virgin Mary”
I cannot ever, ever support a candidate who is so brazenly willing to restrict the First Amendment. If the American government is allowed to censor what the American people say or express, then the American people are not free. And Giuliani is willing to restrict our freedoms. And this is the man who wants to fight terrorists, who he claims hate us for our freedoms? It seems Giuliani hates freedom as much as terrorists do. Any patriotic American should never vote for Giuliani, because a vote for Giuliani is a vote against America.

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