Saturday, June 9, 2007

He Hates Us For Our Freedom- Not Osama, RUDY GIULIANI

Rudy, Rudy , really need to buy an enema. You are impacted.

When Rudy and his buddy, King George the Cowardly say that the Islamic "Fascists" (actually, they are closer to Fascism than the Islamic fundamentalists, if you read up on the definition of the term) "hate us for our freedom", I think they are projecting.

If we look back to when Georgie Porgie was the "gubernator" of Texas, when environmentalists were exercising their rights to peacably assemble and protest on public property OUTSIDE the governor's mansion in 1999, Bushy changed the rules and sent police, plain clothes law enforcement, and very tall Department of Public Safety troopers to harass, and ultimately, arrest them. This arrest spawned an ACLU lawsuit which named Bush among others, as a defendant. My understanding is he and the other defendants lost the case, with each of the arrested getting around 100 grand a piece. But this was just a taste of things to come.
Bush has gone out of his way to abridge and even suspend the civil rights of regular citizens.
In point of fact, there are so many outrages and abuses, documented well in documents availabel on line, I don't have the space here to outline them, but just do a Google search and you will be astounded. And that is only the material that has made its way to sunlight. Who knows how much has been covered up.

Whether we are talking about the "Free Speech Zones", the warrantless wiretaps, or any of a zillion other draconian efforts, Bush has shown he does not like Americans to have too much freedom.

Well, now, "mini me", aka Too Much Rouge Rudy, aka Nosfergiuliani, aka Drag Queen Rudy, has tried to show he is presidential in the line of Bushy, by having a reporter named Matt Lepacek, arrested and charged with a bogus charge after the GOP debates, because the reporter had the nerve to exercise his freedom of speech and ask one of Il Duce's stooges, Ed Goeas, some hard questions.

Look folks, when God sent lightning to kill Giuliani's mike during the debate, that should tell you something.

The little fart is going to lose both the election, AND the nomination. Put your prom dress back in mothballs Rudy, you're not going to the ball as the Queen of the Prom.

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